Gallery Ghost

Gallery Ghost
Spot-the-Difference Art Book
By Anna Nilson
Hardcover - 40 pages
Includes magnifying glass + score sheet

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Something spooky is happening at the museum! At night, the ghosts of 24 artists come out to play. They paint details from their own paintings onto other artists' pictures. Gallery Ghost provides hours of fun as children play a favorite "spot the difference" game and learn about each artist through poems and stories.The book contains pages that are split horizontally. As you flip the pages you see the original paintings that hang in the museum by day, and the paintings with the ghostly additions above. Grab the magnifying glass and look for all the changes the ghosts have made. Tally the results on your score sheet to discover the ghost who painted the most!

Ages 7+

Creative Child Book of the Year

IP Gold Award

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• Spot-the-Difference games are super-popular!
• As children play this game, they visually learn
about great art.
• Gallery Ghost is published in association with
The National Gallery of Art and features 24 of their
greatest masterpieces.

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